Virtual Finance Director

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Growing businesses can take great benefit from financial expertise on site; however, most smaller businesses can’t afford the cost to employ a full-time employee as Financial Director. 

Traynor Accounting Cumbernauld and Glasgow provides a Virtual Finance Director service for small and medium sized businesses throughout Scotland and the UK.

Traynor Accounting can provide an experienced Virtual Finance Director to support your business from one to several days each month. Your management team will benefit from strategic input and decision making, plus your finance team will benefit from guidance and mentoring from a seasoned professional – all at a fraction of the cost to employ a full time Financial Director.

Not sure if you need a Virtual Finance Director?

If your answer is yes to any of the below then a Virtual Finance Director will be beneficial for your company:

  • Is your company growing and resulting in you struggling to manage your finances?

  • Do you have an insufficient budget to hire a full-time financial director?

  • Have you reached a stage where you require a financial expert to enable continued success? 

To find out more about our Virtual Finance Director Service call us on 01236 222668 or 0141 280 8941 for your free accountant consultation (no obligation!)