5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Make the Move to Xero Accounting Software

Picture containing the Xero Accounting Software logo, a computer and the words "for small businesses"

Xero accounting software was founded in New Zealand in 2006 and is a cloud-based accounting software platform designed for small and medium sized businesses. Xero now has over 3 million subscribers and is a leader in cloud accounting across the UK.

If you have a small business there are many benefits to making the move to Xero. We have picked out our top 5 reasons as to how Xero can help your small business!

Number 1 - Work wherever and whenever you want

Picture showing two people working on Xero Accounting Software

Due to Xero being on the cloud you can work on your finances wherever you are by using your phone, tablet or computer! This means that you can view your small businesses' transactions, cash flows and account details from anywhere with an internet connection.

Picture containing a piggy bank with money going into it

Number 2 - Enhance cash flow and get paid quicker

Xero accounting software provides small businesses with the means to get paid quicker. Instead of sending your clients a PDF file, Xero allows you to send them an online invoice. This is much more beneficial for your small business as it is quicker, Xero shows you if they have opened it and it gives your clients the choice to pay online.

Number 3 - As your small business grows so can Xero

Picture of bar graph showing how Xero accounting software can help small business growth

Xero’s add on marketplace provides your business with the flexibility of being able to create a mix which suits your small business's specific needs. Xero accounting software works with over 500 products which means that you can customise Xero to suit your business. For example, you can integrate your email with Xero or can use specialised systems such as inventory, customer relationship management or industry specific solutions.

Picture showing that Xero Accounting Software saves you time

Number 4 - Xero saves your business time by doing the tedious tasks

Xero can save you time by doing the tedious tasks, meaning you have more time to focus on your core business needs. For example, if you use Xero for invoicing, Xero’s automated invoice reminders automatically send an email to your client if an invoice is overdue or about to become overdue.

Number 5 - Collaborate in real time

Picture showing an accountant working on a clients accounts

Xero accounting software allows both you and your accountant or bookkeeper to work on the books together. This also means that you and your accountant or bookkeeper can access the same up-to-date information at the same time.

Traynor Accounting can help your small business make the move to Xero

Traynor Accounting Cumbernauld and Glasgow have been a Xero accounting partner since 2015 and has gained both Xero Champion and Xero Silver Partner status. Traynor Accounting can provide a great service, as well as advice and expertise of Xero accounting software to small and medium sized businesses throughout the UK.

To find out more about our services using Xero give us a call today on 01236 222668 for your free accountant consultation (no obligation!).