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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of accounting services do you provide?

Traynor Accounting Cumbernauld and Glasgow offers all the accounting services necessary for your business. We provide tax services (company and personal tax returns, vat returns etc.), company incorporation services, bookkeeping services, payroll services, financial report services (monthly, quarterly or annual accounts), virtual finance director services, and Xero accounting services. Whatever your business is we are sure that Traynor Accounting will be able to help you!


Accounting Services Cumbernauld and Glasgow

Can you do video meetings?

Yes we are happy to arrange meetings via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. 

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Does Traynor Accounting offer a free consultation?

Yes, Traynor Accounting Cumbernauld and Glasgow offer a free accountant consultation with no obligations!

Why should I choose Traynor Accounting over other accountants?

We are a small family accounting firm with years of experience and we treat each of our clients the same no matter the size of their business. Don't want a big accounting firm where your business is just a number? At Traynor Accounting Cumbernauld and Glasgow we keep in contact with our clients on a regular basis and strive to have personal and genuine relationships with every client. We care about you and your business and will never see you as just a number.

How do I know my business is in safe hands?

We understand that when choosing a new accountant it can be hard to know which accountants are trustworthy and reliable. Traynor Accounting are regulated by The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (here's our listing ) and we are also a member of the ICPA (Independent Certified Practicing Accountants), giving you peace of mind that your business is in safe hands!

We are also proud to say that we are an award winning accountancy firm, having been awarded the Bark Certificate of Excellence Award for the past 4 years. Traynor Accounting Cumbernauld and Glasgow are also part of Handpicked Accountants, the TAG community (with our partners offering a wealth of services covering mortgages/loans, wealth management, legal, HR etc.) and we are a Xero Champion and Xero Silver Partner. 

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Bark 2021 Certificate of Excellence
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Independent Certified Practicing Accountants (ICPA)
Xero Accounting Silver Partner
Xero Accounting Advisor Certified

What kind of businesses do you offer services for?

We offer our accounting services for all kinds of businesses. Some of our clients include construction companies, catering companies, haulage and distribution companies, financial services, medical professionals, hair, nail and beauty salons among many more! Whatever your business is we are sure that Traynor Accounting Cumbernauld and Glasgow will be able to help you!

Do you provide audited annual accounts?

We have taken the decision to focus on non-audit client services and consequently do not provide an audited annual accounts. However, our team at Traynor Accounting Cumbernauld and Glasgow can prepare your statutory accounts for audit submission and arrange for a third party to provide your audit services.

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What is the difference between annual accounts and management accounts?

Annual accounts are financial records that are prepared at the end of each financial year. If you are a limited company you are legally required to prepare annual accounts that must be filed with Companies House in a statutory format. Management accounts, on the other hand, are not required by law and they do not have to be filed with HMRC. Management accounts are a set of financial reports published monthly or quarterly which provide a detailed insight into the financial trading position of your business during the year.

Is bookkeeping the same as accounting?

No bookkeeping is not the same as accounting, however bookkeeping is a crucial element which is needed in order to produce accounts.

Bookkeeping usually refers to the daily upkeep of a company's financial records. Accounting on the other hand refers to the analysing, reporting and summarising of the information that bookkeepers have collected.