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We are a family run accountancy firm based in Cumbernauld & Glasgow city centre. Our Accountants are Chartered Management Accountants (regulated by The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) so can meet your business needs, whether it’s accountancy, taxation, payroll or business consultancy services.

We have a wealth of experience within the accountancy industry, gained while working previously within organizations in addition to our experience since moving into accountancy practice. Our role is to advise you from within the business on a day to day basis (if required) and therefore, we are able to see things from your side, which we believe makes our services better than those previously provided by other accountants in Glasgow.


As qualified Chartered Management Accountants in Glasgow & Cumbernauld, we are regulated by The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). This means that Traynor Accountants are trained to ensure that we provide the necessary expertise, experience, professionalism and up to date knowledge to advise your business.

Here at Traynor Accounting, our expertise and qualifications has helped many of our clients understand the financial aspects of their business. We aim to provide a more personal and hands on approach to managing finances, which helps us understand your business more.



Value for money


Traynor Accounting doesn’t have or need luxurious city centre offices, our team are located in our main office in Cumbernauld (but we also use luxurious low-cost meeting rooms in Glasgow centre) which keep our costs low, so we can offer the best and most competitively priced fees.


Qualified Accountants & Book-keepers


All our services are carried out by Qualified Accountants in Glasgow, Cumbernauld & also by fully Qualified Bookkeepers; larger firms may assign a trainee or new inexperienced employees to handle your accounts, or you may have to deal with numerous staff working on your accounts. We take pride in the fact that all our client accounts are reviewed and handled by only senior Qualified Accountants & fully Qualified Bookkeepers. In addition, when you come on board with us, you will be allocated an Accountant & a Bookkeeper who will deal with all your accounts, payroll & taxation services. By doing so, we believe our familiarity with your business can only mean a better understanding for us & a better service for you!


We offer a full mobile service


To improve our service we offer a more hands on approach, this helps us understand your business and gives us a better platform to improve our services and your business.  We can visit you at your business premises if you wish, which will save you taking time out of your business travelling to our office in Cumbernauld or Glasgow city centre.

Traynor Accountants understanding your requirements


Before joining our progressive Glasgow accountancy practice, all our accountants held senior finance roles when previously employed with small and medium sized companies. While working as accountants within SME’s, we discovered that those services previously delivered by external accountants were usually different from that required. Accountants in practice who had never worked within industry or commerce were not always well positioned to fully understand the client’s requirements. Traynor Accounting in Cumbernauld is different, we really understand your requirements & the problems you can face. As a result of years working in your environment before moving into accountancy practice – we understand how it feels to run a business from the inside.


Regular Client contact


A lot of clients have previously informed us that their ex-accountants only contacted them once a year, Traynor Accounting found this to be unacceptable and want to keep in contact with our clients on a regular bases.  We also provide free unlimited telephone & email support – we are always happy to hear from you!


Useful Reports


Most reports that you receive involve table of numbers and acronyms generated by a computer that doesn’t have any meaning in daily life.  Traynor Accountants can personalise each report for you, whether you receive them monthly or quarterly, our management reports will include detailed commentary on the performance of your business and explain what this means.  We can work together to detect the crucial indicators driving your business.


First Class Service


Traynor Accounting want a long and cost-effective relationship with our clients, we want our client’s to be happy about coming back every year, thus Traynor Accounting in Glasgow drive a high quality of service every time you engage with us. We are only as good as the last piece of work we do for you, so we have high expectations of our staff to deliver first class service to our clients at all times.


Call us on 01236 222668 or 0141 280 8941 for your free no obligation consultation.

Our Team
Brian Traynor

brian@traynoraccounting.co.uk | Tel: 01236 222 668

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Catherine Traynor
Payroll & Accounts

catherine@traynoraccounting.co.uk | Tel: 01236 222 668

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Sabina Gozdanek-Glenday
Accounts Assistant

sabina@traynoraccounting.co.uk | Tel: 01236 222 668

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Lynne Rennie
Accounts Assistant

lynne@traynoraccounting.co.uk | Tel: 01236 222 668

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